About Heli

  • Dr Heli Matilainen, PhD

    PhD in Biotechnology, MSc in Molecular Biology, Cert. in Organic Horticulture

    Heli has 10 years scientific experience in the areas of cancer research and GMOs. Her recent role as a Technical Manager of BioGro New Zealand Ltd, New Zealand's leading organic certifier, gives her state-of-the-art expertise in the area of Organics.

Helix Organics Ltd has been the result of a long journey for Heli. The quest began when she decided she wanted to understand how our human bodies work - from the inside out. It was clear to her that the path she desired to take was the study of Molecular Biology; the study of the intricate molecular dance of trillions of cells that make up the human body. She undertook the scientific investigation of DNA, with a structure commonly known as the “Double Helix”, a term that, by a fortunate coincidence, also reflects Heli’s own name.

Heli was honoured to be one of only six people accepted to study Molecular Biology when she commenced studies in her native Finland. She learned all about the delicate molecular pathways that control our cells and how our DNA is the ultimate code behind all that makes up this seemingly magical, extremely complex, yet perfectly balanced system. To say she was fascinated would be an understatement!

However, Heli soon began to realise how vulnerable this system is and how our bodies tend to absorb, from the environment, the unnatural and often poisonous chemicals that humans produce, causing a disruption in the delicate balance of molecular pathways in our cells and body. At the time, Heli was doing her postdoctoral research in California, at the laboratory of Dr Erkki Ruoslahti MD PhD, Distinguished Professor at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, one of the most highly regarded cancer laboratories. Once she had learned about cancer development from the top scientists in the field, and had become more and more aware of the harmful effects of man-made chemicals, curing cancer – which had begun as a noble cause in her mind - gradually came to appear to her as the wrong end of the stick. The combating of cancer, she became convinced, had to start with cancer prevention.

Eventually, she decided she had to do something more - curing cancer was simply not enough. The problem needed to be solved at the source. She felt compelled to tell people that it was the man made chemicals that disrupted our molecular systems’ delicate balance and so made us sick. She was, and still is, shocked at how very few people understand this simple truth.

To follow this path further, it became clear to her that certified organic foods would make a very real and significant difference. Organic food production seeks natural balance and produces wholesome nutritious food - just as nature has intended - without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, or genetically modified organisms.

The end of the journey so far, or rather the beginning of a new and very exciting chapter, an endeavour to make a real difference, is presented to you here: Helix Organics Ltd.

Says Heli Matilainen, PhD: “It’s about following your heart to save the world, one bit at a time.”