Inputs for Organics

What are 'inputs for organics'? Inputs are products that are intended for use in the production, handling and processing of certified organic products. Examples of inputs are fertilisers and compost used in growing organic crops or cleaners and sanitisers used on harvest equipment or on food contact surfaces during the storage and manufacture of certified organic products. Certified Organic production systems have strict international requirements for the inputs allowed. The Organic Standards outline allowed ingredients for inputs used in different areas of organic production. The Standards also have specific requirements for certain ingredients or types of ingredients allowed, and these requirements may vary between different overseas Organic Standards.


Our extensive expertise in this area will provide you with the added confidence to strategically plan for the development of your new products and to have the technical standard requirements at your fingertips at all times. You will benefit from our continued support throughout the streamlined product certification processes.

If you are new to organics, you can rely on our full technical support to ensure your products will comply with the current organic requirements. We can support you to set up your systems and processes so that they will meet the organic requirements, as set in the standards and required by the certification body, right from the start. We will also help to prepare all the paperwork required for the input certification and even manage the process on your behalf, so you can focus on the most important activity: running your business.


• Technical criteria and required documentation for specific product categories / types
• Product Formula Assessment: Ingredient by ingredient advice regarding compliance with organic marked regulations
• Formula development: Technical advice / support towards organic product compliance
• Input Certification requirements and organic product compliance
• Advice and support in setting up systems and procedures according to organic requirements

Certification Support and Management

• Assistance with data collection to support Input Certification
• Assistance with completion of documentation to support Input Certification:

• Organic Management Plan and Procedures

• Organic Certification Application

• Management of the Certification process (New application or addition to scope)

Organic standards

We work with following organic standards and regulations:

• BioGro Organic Standards

• IFOAM norms

• MAF Technical Rules

• USDA National Organic Program (NOP)

• Canada Organic Regime (COR)

• Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) Organic Law (*)

(*) English translation