Welcome to The Helix

Helix Organics Ltd is a consultation and certification management service delivering expert advice on scientific and technical issues in Organic food production in New Zealand.

Heli Matilainen PhD, of Finland, has a scientific background in the fields of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Her work includes research into cancer and also genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with a scientific career stretching across Finland, the United States and New Zealand. Dr Matilainen gained hands on technical expertise most recently as the Technical Manager of BioGro New Zealand Ltd; New Zealand’s leading organic certifier.

Our name Helix refers to the DNA molecule, known as the “Double Helix”, because it winds along in a dual shape somewhat like a twisted ladder with its two curly sides (strands) connected by a unique combination of spokes (bases). It is this structure, which forms the ultimate code behind all living organisms, including the food we eat.

Organic food production safeguards the integrity of this code and helps us to pass it on, unharmed, to the next generation. By cultivating foods organically without chemical pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms, our food will stay like nature intended it to be - nutritious and true.