Technical support for organic operators

With our comprehensive expertise, you may consider your technical issues solved -ensuring that you will meet the technical requirements of organic certification as outlined by the certification body.

You will have our full technical support to set up your systems and processes from the outset, from outlining and interpreting the technical requirements of organic standards to setting up systems that meet these requirements and verifying the compliance with the certification requirements.
You will benefit from our ongoing support having the technical knowledge at your fingertips at all times, giving you the confidence and technical knowhow to grow your business further.

Technical support

• Advice in understanding the technical requirements of organic certification
• Technical support in meeting certification related technical requirements
• Advice and support in setting up systems and procedures according to organic requirements
• Technical advice and support in the area of laboratory testing, including:

• Residue testing

• GMO testing

• Determining non-GMO status of ingredients or products (non-GMO declarations, laboratory tests)
• Technical interaction with certification body, manufacturers, and laboratories


• Advice and technical support in the area of organically compliant input products
• Determining input compliance for new licensees seeking certification
• Experimental inputs: formula development and technical advice

Organic standards

We work with following organic standards and regulations:

• BioGro Organic Standards

• IFOAM norms

• MAF Technical Rules

• USDA National Organic Program (NOP)

• Canada Organic Regime (COR)

• Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) Organic Law (*)

(*) English translation